Thursday, December 15, 2016

Here Is Everything You Need To Know About Ultimate Cycler And How It Works

Ultimate Cycler is one of the hottest Online Networking Business in Nigeria today just like MMM, iCharity, Ecoorporative etc. In Ultimate Cycler, Members pay Money to Members, meaning that you are not paying money into the site system. Its a mutual community where Members help other members.

When you register, you will need to pay the sum of N12,500 ($25) to your sponsors upline who is a fellow member and the person will then confirm your payment which activates your account.

Your registration will be complete when you have sent N12,500 ($25) to the person you are matched with who in turn will activate your account. Please pay to only the person the system pairs you to pay who you will find immediatelly after confirmation of your registration.

After that, login to your ultimate Cycler account, click on “My Profile”, when your profile loads up, scroll down to the part that says “Payment Instructions.” Delete the default text you don’t need there and enter your bank account details there.

Note: You will get paid to the bank account details you entered in the “Payment Instructions” section. So, make sure it is correct. Whenever you receive payment go to your Ultimate Cycler account, under My Earnings, click on Pending Receivables, to confirm that the person has paid you. This is also important.

The system (Admin) will put 4 other registered people under you from spillovers who will also pay you N12,500 each, into your bank account, making N50,000. Note that this can only be possible if your sponsor team is very active, if not this option will not work. Best option is get and register people under you who in turn registers their own downlines as such you earn very fast.

 My $25 Matrix
A green box indicates someone on your PAYLINE.
Roll your mouse over a matrix position below to veiw more information about that position.
Click on a position to view it's matrix.
P = Product Fee Paid | Product Fees NOT Paid
Matrix Genealogy
Member Receiving Payment On This Position
Direct Parent of This Position

 Then Upgrade!
Leverage is the next key to your success.

Announcing the New: $1,600 Business center that pays out $6,400

$10 upgrade fee is for each business center

Lifetime Leaders Club Members do not pay the upgrade fee per business center

All business centers are member to member.

UC has six levels above the initial $10 entry level. ($25, $50, $100, $200, $400, $800 & $1600). We call them "financial vehicles" because they do just that... they get you to where you want to go much faster.

What most members do is to take a portion of the profits and leverage it to the next higher level.

Let's go over it. You make *$100 with your filled $25 matrix. Take $25 to go back into the new purchase following your sponsor. Then take $50 (from profit) to upgrade to the $50 matrix still leaving $25 net.

Now you can make *$200 ($50X4) and duplicate the same system to go up to the $100 matrix thus earning *$400 ($100x4) and the $200 level which generates $800.

The same happens at the *$400 Business Center. You make ($400X4) or $1,600. You take $400 of the profit to upgrade to the $800 Business Center which will generate ($800X4) or a total of $3,200.

The same happens at the *$1600 Business Center. You make ($1600X4) or $6,400. You take $1600 of the profit to upgrade to the $3,200 Business Center which will generate ($1600X4) or a total of $6,400.

Note: As soon as a sale happens on your payline of 4 people, you get paid. There is no waiting for it to fill up and "cycle" to get paid. This makes the process faster and ensures a 100% NET payout.

So how can you accelerate the process of making money?

The above is only one way to upgrade. If you want to be "ALL IN" and not wait to cycle before upgrading thus positioning yourself at the higher Business Centers faster, all you need to do is be paid at a level and the system will allow you to upgrade to the next higher level.

This will give you an amazingly powerful story to tell your people and cause many of them to follow your lead to upgrade.

Which method you choose is of course, your decision, but it's how most of the leaders are "speeding" the process and creating incredible stories of success!

IMPORTANT NOTICE/UPDATE!!!Please, make sure you have your 12,500 ($25) at hand before registering an Ultimate Cycler account through our Team’s referral link.

The reason for this is because, if you register without being ready to pay your investment fee which is 12,500 in the next few minutes to the person who the system assigned you to pay to, It will affect other new members who are trying to register using our Team’s referral link on the site and that will make their accounts unable to pay to other members in the team (Because the new members might be assigned to pay you, but you have not paid others, and that will slow down our Team), so please endeavor to have the money at hand before registering so that after you must have registered, you can pay to the person assigned to you by the system to pay to so that the person can activate your account and others can pay you.

Referal link:

Wassap: 08023222324